Monday, February 20, 2012

Arya’s first Makar Sankranti and Bor-Nahan

Makar Sankranti was tomorrow. Arati tai asked me if I was planning a Bor-Nahan for Arya.

Bor-Nahan is Showering the kid with berries, chocolates, and other eatables. Bor/bora are nothing but berries. The custom is for bringing prosperity to the kid by showering stuff on him and distributing it.

I began considering it. Arati tai told me what could be done in a short time. I am not a big fan of customs and traditions, but like to do fun stuff when it is easy to do.

15th Jan 2012 was a Sankranti. I couldn’t find Bora anywhere. We also had to buy the little guy a black dress for Sankranti. Mom and dad got these items, thank God! They also searched for halwyache dagine (jewelry made out of til-gul) for the event, but couldn’t find it. Anyway I only wanted to do as much as I could. So I let it go.

I had got til-gul, kumkum and some return gift to ladies who would come. Maushi made some bhel & tilgul laddoos at home. I made a mixture of revadi (tilgul vadi), murmura, dairy milk chocolates, bor (berries), etc. for pouring on Aryas head. I called up some kids from neighboring chawl (my maid’s kids). And guess what? She got few more kids along. So while I was planning eatables for 4, as much as 9 kids turned up.

For the Bor-Nahan, Mani placed Arya (dressed in black)on her lap. I showered the mix on his head seven times. At first he was surprised, then confused and finally shocked. Kids were waiting, eager to collect the showered stuff. At the seventh attempt, they literally pounced on him and picked up everything. A smart one picked up only the dairy milk chocs. Some kids tried in vain to search chocolates. Some tried stealing from the bowl of mixture when they thought I wasn't looking! Yes, I let them take it all. Mani surprised them by giving them a packet of Kurkure each. We gave them bhel, more chocolates and sent them on their way. It made their day! Boys had their pockets full and girls held up their frock hems to make a Jholi to carry stuff!!!

A short and wonderful ceremony. Good fun and great memories!


  1. Hi Kavita ,
    Having bor nahan for my son today. He is 5 months old now .... it was nice to read your post .

  2. @Major Anita:
    Hi, Thanks for your comment. I hope you had a good time yesterday. Do post about it. I read your blog and liked it. Your baby is cute.

  3. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Hey kavita.. I am planning to have this with my 5 month daughter... Thanks for sharing the experience. .. will help me a lot

  4. Dear Kavita,
    Thanks a lot for shating this we are also planning to do "Bor Nahan" with our 6 month son...its really useful to us.

    With Warm Regards,
    Swapnil & Sakshi,

    1. Hey Swapnil and Sakshi, It is real fun. Hope you have a great time too!